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Join the StoryLight Family! 

We are currently seeking Audio Engineers and Sound Designers:


We are currently seeking to expand our post-production team at StoryLight— looking for audio engineers who are interested in editing, mastering or/and (most importantly) creating the soundscapes that support our favorite classic stories.


This, like all of StoryLight, is a volunteer opportunity. We will take on engineers for a one-off story creation or multiple stories depending on your interest and availability.


Some experience necessary.


If you, or a friend, would be interested please fill out the form below or email us at

Want to be a StoryLight Narrator?


We’d love to have you!

Please take a moment to read our technical requirements and make sure your raw audio meets these standard specs. If your audio does meet these specs, please send us a brief introduction of yourself below and a pitch of the public domain story you would like to narrate for StoryLight. We will contact you for a sample of the audio.


Please also keep in mind that StoryLight is a FREE Podcast. At this time, all labour is volunteered, and as always, our stories are offered as a gift to the listener.



- Must be consistent throughout in sound and formatting. 

- Must be recorded in mono and delivered in a 16bit 44.1 kHz .WAV file .

- Must Include 3-5 seconds of room tone at beginning or end of file.

- Must be a CLEAN raw file….free of extraneous sounds and noises (we highly recommend using Punch & Roll).

- Raw audio must not peak over -3dB. 


*If your audio files do not match these requirements but you are still interested in being a StoryLight Narrator and want to learn more, please reach out and let us know you have questions about how to get there. We are happy to facilitate a coaching session for you to get everything up and running at a professional level.

Thanks for submitting!

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